I've been in the UK just over twelve hours and I'm rediscovering my own country with all the delight of a tourist
  1. Getting to enter the country without filling in forms or being fingerprinted and interrogated like some kind of criminal
  2. Not having to clear my own table after coffee
  3. Cab drivers who know exactly where they're going and how to get there
    I said the name of the (tiny) hotel and the name of the area, and he was like, oh yeah, Belgrave Road?
  4. Hotel rooms that come with kettles, tea, and milk
  5. Gendered toilets
    I don't mean to make a political point here — just that I hate sharing toilets with cis men, who, let's face it, are a bit gross
  6. Private toilets
    I.e. Completely enclosed cubicles with no stupid gaps all over the flipping place
  7. Red Magazine
  8. Charity shops
    £1.99 for huge, barely touched novels! I am having to severely restrain myself, but I'm sure I'll break within the day
  9. Handbag sized magazines
    These were barely a thing a few years ago but now they're everywhere, with many mainstream women's mas having a compact edition, and I love them.
  10. Bacon!
  11. Sausages!
  12. Not being immediately presented with a bill upon swallowing my last mouthful of food and told, falsely, "no rush"