I love it here and want to stay for as long as I can but I rarely go through a day without wondering about at least one of these.
  1. How come everyone, everyone, uses those yellow legal pads and why are they yellow?
  2. Why are toilets so low?
  3. Why are there so many gaps in toilet cubicles?
    Is it just so that Friends episode with Julia Roberts and Chandler would work??
  4. Why does hardly anyone freak out about genetically modified stuff?
  5. How can you possibly be considered an adult at 18 if you can't drink till 21?
  6. Is "I wish I would have" considered correct grammar over here?
  7. Why isn't Vicks First Defence available here?
    It is an actual miracle drug that stops colds from developing.
  8. Why don't prices include taxes?
    It's not like you have a choice. You have to pay the tax. The actual price of the thing is price plus tax. (I know, I know: taxes are different in each State, but why can't prices in New York include New York tax, Californian prices include Californian taxes, etc?)
  9. Why are they trying to con us with chip and signature cards when the part that gives you extra security is the PIN, not the chip?
  10. Why are book covers different here, who decides, and why does only the U.S. get those lovely textured covers?
  11. Why do they put an S on the end of "anyway" and "a long way"?
  12. Why can't I figure out how to open liquid soap?
  13. How does a red traffic light possibly mean "stop, except if you're turning right in which case no it's fine ignore the red light"?
  14. Why don't they let leaves be for a day or two? I just want to walk through some autumn leaves and hear them crunching under my feet.
  15. Why is the rice you buy for making risotto not called risotto rice?