1. Ipswich Town Football Club
    Look, he had dark hair and blue eyes, okay? My kryptonite.
  2. Art lessons
    Thanks for that one, Joel. I took a class I didn't have to take, and got the only fail grade I've ever got.
  3. Classical and choral music
    I even tried to convince myself I liked organ music but that was a bridge too far.
  4. Ballet
    I wanted to be a great step mum to his crazy-about-dance daughter.
  5. Learning Russian
    I didn't last long. It's hard.
  6. Mushrooms
    Okay well I tried. Nope. Mushrooms are evil.
  7. American politics
    To be fair, it's like a car crash. You can't look away.
  8. America
    And now here I am, so yay!