1. Being married
  2. Being pregnant
  3. Giving birth
  4. Keeping their children alive
  5. Getting up earlier than 7 for anything other than going on holiday
  6. Being civil to other people before the day's first cup of tea/coffee
  7. Ignoring loud conversations or anything other than indistinguishable background noise when trying to read
  8. Going to work when sick
    I am not advocating for this in any way, shape, or form. Absolutely nobody benefits.
  9. Not taking a lunch break
  10. Shoving a book in a bag without caring if it gets damaged
  11. Keeping going for more than 4 novels and 7 years without getting published
  12. Driving
  13. Moving to a new town/country without the support of a church family
  14. Getting a celebrity crush without it taking over their life