This one is very much a list in progress, and might actually make it to the 99 limit.
  1. That French does not have a monopoly on beautiful language - English can be elegant too.
    Thank you, Aaron Sorkin. I owe my writing career to this realisation, and therefore to you.
  2. That a TV show can actually, literally change a person's life
    The many ways in which it has will be the subject of a future list.
  3. Essentially, everything I know about American politics.
  4. What post hoc ergo propter hoc means
  5. Who Bradley Whitford is and the fact he may be the world's most under-rated actor (and person, but I digress)
  6. Who Nelly Bly was
  7. That the White House is exempt from OSHA rules
  8. That more people get killed by vending machines than by wolf attacks.
  9. The Butterball Hotline and its functions
    Suggested by @sarahgorman