1. 1️⃣ At the cinema the first time with my friend Laura (December)
    Loved loved loved it. Laughed, cried, fell in love with Ryan Gossling. Saw it at one of my favourite DC cinemas. Was distracted by a weird shiny patch on the screen during the opening sequence and also by the thought that Ryan Gossling looks a bit like @Nicholas (unrelated to my falling in love though, nobody worry, that was more to do with the piano playing and the dream chasing)
  2. 2️⃣ At the cinema the second time with my lovely friend @elizgerrior (January)
    She loved it and I loved showing it to her and enjoyed her enjoyment of it and also there was no shiny patch (though the seats were more comfy) But we didn't get wine or popcorn 😢
  3. 5️⃣At the cinema the third time with my friend Laura (February)
    At a nicer cinema we both love, but she got distracted several times and started texting (often during the most poignant moments) and I was 😡.
  4. 4️⃣ At the cinema for the fourth time (March)
    I needed to go once more to erase the memory of the third time and be happy about it again. Afterwards I walked home in the perfect weather, playing the soundtrack on my phone and not caring if people heard me sing.
  5. 7️⃣On the plane from DC to London (March)
    It was there and I couldn't resist, but I should have, because watching films on planes is rubbish, you keep getting distracted and interrupted
  6. 6️⃣ On the plane from Brussels to DC (April)
    It had been a whole month and they had it in Spanish so I did that for variety but the singing wasn't translated and it turns out there's not that much actual speaking in the film
  7. 3️⃣ With my good friend Sandra who hadn't seen it yet (May)
    We shared a bottle of my favourite wine ("Josh") and then had a long conversation about the characters' decisions and the ending, which is unknowingly what I had been craving for months