Yes, there's always the chance, as we say in 🇬🇧, that you'll get a random snog with a fit usher. But in my experience, talent is actually not all that easy to come by at weddings. And vain desperation to meet someone eligible probably won't make the wedding any easier. Be kinder than that to yourself.
  1. Remember it's an honour to be invited.
    Yes, really. Unless you are a close relative of either the bride or groom, they were not duty-bound to include you. They want you there: they value your friendship and the place you have in their lives. This, surely, is worth celebrating.
  2. Pamper yourself.
    Have you been wanting to get a manicure, or perhaps highlights in your hair? Here’s your excuse. If budget allows, it’s also a great opportunity to add to your wardrobe. Take pleasure in dressing up and looking beautiful.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes.
    Nothing breeds self-pity like physical pain.
  4. Focus on the positives.
    Take in your surroundings. Savour the wine. Revel in the quantity and quality of the food.
  5. Meet interesting people.
    In everyone’s circle of friends, there are some fascinating eccentrics who will make for great anecdotes later on, or perhaps inspire a character for that novel you’ve been trying to start. There are people with great stories, who’ll be thrilled with the opportunity of telling them to a new audience. Who knows, there may even be minor celebrities, future politicians, or someone who shares your love of rare seashells or German embroidery.
  6. Go easy on the drinking.
    I know it’s tempting to overdo it when the wine is so tasty and so plentiful. But alcohol is a depressant, and if you’re struggling to hold it together, it won’t help. Trust me. I’ve tried it.
  7. Reward yourself for making it.
    Plan for this before the wedding: what film have you wanted to see for a long time? What bubble bath would you like to try? What chocolate? Go out and splurge, so that when you return home, your reward will be awaiting you.