1. An acrobat.
    I remember tearfully telling an older friend at around age six that I wouldn't be able to be one, I think because I'm scared of heights. She was incredibly nice about it. She didn't laugh. I have no recollection of thinking about being an acrobat before or after this night. Are acrobats a metaphor of some kind? Maybe that would explain it.
  2. A writer.
    I started writing poems when I was ten. I don't think I knew writing was a job. But I knew I wanted to keep writing.
  3. A translator.
    I knew I loved words and loved thinking about the relationship between my two native languages, French and English, so I did my Year Nine project on job research with this in mind. At uni, where I studied Spanish and French, translation was one of my favourite classes. I would still love to translate books one day - maybe even my own?
  4. A youth worker.
    I loved my youth leaders and wanted to be like them. I think the terribly lonely, desperate to be understood teenager in me wanted to make life better for girls like me in the future. And I really, really wanted to help teenagers come to know God.
  5. If I had known about book blogging, probably I would have wanted to be one of those, too.
  6. And now I'm a writer and a book blogger and oh so totally okay with not being an acrobat.