It's been six years since I started writing seriously. I have an agent. My book is with editors as we speak. I am trying not to chew my nails off.
  1. Cry
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  2. High five the nearest person
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  3. Take @LizDawson out for cocktails at the W hotel 🍸🍷
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  4. Add it to my bio on every social media platform
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    The novel, not the cocktails.
  5. Make lists that obliquely and not so obliquely refer to my book
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  6. Reminisce wistfully about the long and arduous journey that got me here
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  7. Write a blog post about it all
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  8. Start writing another book?!
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    This waiting and hoping and endless email refreshing is taking up SO much of my brain space and making me unable to sit still and write. Will actually having the deal help me calm down? Who knows.