Post the title and author of your current read, a pic of the cover, your impressions so far, and, if you're feeling brave, a mark out of 10. Relist and tag your ListApp friends, and we'll do it again next week!
  1. The Buried Giant, by Kazuo Ishiguro
    I'm having to binge read this for book club on Friday, so I'm feeling a bit resentful - I'd prefer to be finishing The Marriage Plot - but I'm a couple of chapters in (the binge hasn't really kicked in yet) and I like it so far. It's set in a long ago Britain and very fairy tale like. I love the main characters, and especially the tender love Axl has for Beatrice, so I'm a bit anxious as to what terrible things might be in store for them... The audio is 👍.
  2. Evening in the Palace of Reason by James Gaines
    I've only just started so I don't really have any impressions yet but I just finished Reinventing Bach which was mostly great and this will be a fun follow up.
    Suggested by   @gwcoffey
  3. Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, by Anne Tyler
    Only 40 or so pages into it, but really enjoying it. Frankly, though, I'm mostly just enjoying being able to read something other than 'Penguin's Big Adventure', thanks to my parents being over for the holidays and giving me some much-appreciated time to myself while they entertain the baby.
    Suggested by   @katya
  4. The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
    I'm only 80 pages in (out of 973 so I haven't even scratched the surface) but so far it is an interesting narrative that's easy to read. I was actually really intrigued by the author's preface where he explained that he wanted to create a story around all the research he has done around the construction of cathedrals. I haven't read much fiction set in medieval times so the differences in technology and culture are fascinating for me.
    Suggested by   @kbon
  5. You're Never Weird on the Internet by Felicia Day: very funny and irreverent. I like it
    Suggested by   @jess3842
  6. Why Not Me?
    Starting the year off right. So far her piece about weddings is 💯SPOT ON.
    Suggested by   @supercommonname
  7. A Little Life.
    My copy of the book has a different cover and I was tricked into thinking this might be a cheerful read until I saw this edition and knew I was doomed. Heartbreakingly beautiful and making me think a lot about trauma and the way it slices through the fabric of life. I also may never stop crying.
    Suggested by   @scarcurtis
  8. Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
    Yes, this is only because of my insatiable obsession with Hamilton the musical, but oh man am I glad I picked this book up! It's not a quick read by any means (832 pages) but I often find myself engrossed in the story due to Chernow's incredible writing. Hamilton was a really interesting dude, and this book is too!
    Suggested by   @catstrauch
  9. Torch - Cheryl Strayed
    🙌🏼 😍 😿
    Suggested by   @masuma
  10. The Art Forger by B. A. Shapiro
    I've just started reading it so I don't have much to say about it other than so far, so good! I really liked the tv show White Collar and there was a lot of forgery in that so I'm thinking this book may be similar. We shall see!
    Suggested by   @evak
  11. One More Thing by @bjnovak
    Loving it so far!
    Suggested by   @macnchz
  12. 11/22/63 by Stephen King
    I'm about 1/3 through this and I'm LOVING it. I'm a sucker for time travel, and King is telling a cool story so far. 10/10!
    Suggested by   @KikiHines
  13. Career of Evil by Robert Gilbreth
    I just started it this morning and only read 50 pages, but then ever since I stopped reading, it's all I can think about. So it must be pretty good.
    Suggested by   @justjills
  14. The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst
    I'm about 1/4 way through and loving it! You follow naive Nick who is infatuated with a wealthy political family in Britain in 1980s. And he's also coming to terms with his sexuality. It reminds me of Brideheads Revisited but with gay sex and some drug use.
    Suggested by   @femme_brewer
  15. QED by Richard Feynman - He has taken the single most complicated topic (Quantum physics) that was pushing the limits of human knowledge and explained it in a way that absolutely anyone can understand. And for that he is a genius.
    Suggested by   @curtis
  16. Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith
    Couldn't put it down until an hour past my bedtime last night.
    Suggested by   @kcupcaker
  17. Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
    So good. Going to go finish it now.
    Suggested by   @wonderishmama
  18. The Round House - Louise Erdrich
    I'm only about 60 pages in, but I'm enjoying it so far. A Native American woman gets attacked on her reservation and her 13 year old son tries to figure everything out. The lack of quotation marks is throwing me off though.
    Suggested by   @kaberryhill
  19. The Wedding Bees
    Easy read but fun story that involves NYC and Charleston. It made me want to garden and bake with honey.
    Suggested by   @thesting
  20. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
    I'm listening to this on audiobook & enjoying it so far. 😊
    Suggested by   @helga
  21. The Great Starvation Experiment: Ancel Keys and the Men Who Starved for Science by Todd Tucker
    A beautiful blend of science and history. Initially picked it up because the "Minnesota Starvation Study" turned out to be a seminal piece of research when it came to eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa. But the writing and storytelling have far surpassed my initial hopes for the book. Highly recommend if you're into nerdy stuff!
    Suggested by   @dancelittlejean