I'm at a pretty cool book event right now, celebrating the launch of CRUSH: Writers Reflect on Love, Longing, and the Lasting Power of Their First Celebrity Crush. Our very own @carolynparkhurst is a contributor, but I haven't spotted her yet. Who was your first celebrity crush?
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    Jason Donovan
    Who could not love that face? Jason was one of a whole slew of actors who came out of the pretty terrible but still very popular Australian soap, Neighbours, and decided to try their hand at singing some fabulous 80s terribleness. (Another, better known of them, at least in the US, was Kylie Minogue - she played Jason's onscreen girlfriend then wife, and there's was much speculation about whether they were dating in real life - which, it turns out, they were! I was right!)
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    Oh my goodness I was so in love with him. One Christmas when I was around 9 or 10 years old, all I wanted was a poster of him but I didn't want to ask my parents because I knew my dad would tease me. Ah, the torment of young love.
    Suggested by Β  @jessnobs
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    Suggested by Β  @StuckOnThe7
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    Keanu Reeves (still is!)
    Also Joey from NKOTB
    Suggested by Β  @shanaz
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    Natalie Wood
    "Rebel Without a Cause" Yup
    Suggested by Β  @reconditioner
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    My first true crush was Tom Cruise. I was 8 when this movie released. He was so very cute and it made me want to be a fighter pilot for years after!:)
    Suggested by Β  @nikkilounoel
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    Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block
    And he's still looking pretty damn fine, am I right?
    Suggested by Β  @KikiHines
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    But, my realistic crush was Fred Savage.:) He was in this movie "Little Monsters" w Howie Mandel and I loved that movie!! And then he starred in Wonder Years and the crush lasted forever.:)
    Suggested by Β  @nikkilounoel
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    Ralph Macchio
    I watched The Karate Kid multiple times a week from 2nd-4th grade. Swoooon!
    Suggested by Β  @missy
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    Jimmy Fallon
    I was such a weird fucking kid but I saw him on SNL when I was like 9 and immediately printed out every photo I could find on Geocities sites and pasted them on my binder
    Suggested by Β  @k8mcgarry
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    Michael J Fox
    Family Ties, Back to the Future, Secret of My Success ... I watched them all
    Suggested by Β  @kelrie
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    Alyssa Milano
    I remember being little and watching "Who's the Boss" and thinking she was really cute and the crush pretty much maintained itself through "Charmed." πŸ˜‚
    Suggested by Β  @culture_czar
  13. β€’
    Three words. Alex. P. Keaton.
    Suggested by Β  @waaaycho
  14. β€’
    John Schneider
    Yes, Bo Duke. ☺️
    Suggested by Β  @jhope71
  15. β€’
    Aaron Carter
    Suggested by Β  @drugs
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    Devon Sawa
    Caspar and Now & Then had me all 😍😍😍.
    Suggested by Β  @amieshmamie
  17. β€’
    Orlando Bloom
    I did projects and presentations on him all through middle school. & living at home means that all my middle school pictures of him are still hanging up.
    Suggested by Β  @e
  18. β€’
    Alyssa Milano
    First crush, current crush, celebrity clause... Lifetime achievement award. 😍😍😍😍
    Suggested by Β  @HisDudeness
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    Devon Sawa
    Casper was my fave movie
    Suggested by Β  @daisy
  20. β€’
    Kenneth Brannagh
    I was 10. Freud would probably have a field day with me.
    Suggested by Β  @mhawkeyem
  21. β€’
    John Stamos
    Crush still exists but I am way more into John Krasinski and Lin-Manuel Miranda these days. 😍😍😍
    Suggested by Β  @rulesofjinx
  22. β€’
    Avril Lavigne
    I was really into her first album
    Suggested by Β  @MatthewAlmont
  23. β€’
    Mark Paul Glosselaar
    Still Love him!!!
    Suggested by Β  @sheri_who
  24. β€’
    Ad Rock was the first guy I remember calling cute out loud and my sisters made fun of me mercilessly. I stand by my choices.
    Suggested by Β  @TeenyMe
  25. β€’
    Cody Madison from Baywatch
    Why my parents ever let me watch this show is beyond me, but I was like 6 in love with half naked grown men. 😍 Some things never change.
    Suggested by Β  @michellejennifer
  26. β€’
    John F Kennedy
    In my third-grade classroom, there was a cardboard cutout of his face (and all the other U.S. presidents) on a bulletin board, and I used to love standing next to it and imagining us as a couple.
    Suggested by Β  @alligeeshow
  27. β€’
    Paul Newman, after watching Cool Hand Luke with my dad at age 7
    Suggested by Β  @americanmum
  28. β€’
    Randy Travis on the cover of my first cassette tape
    Suggested by Β  @americanmum
  29. β€’
    Court Foster, played by Jason London, in The Man in the Moon
    Suggested by Β  @americanmum
  30. β€’
    Shaun Cassidy
    I was 10. He's also David Cassidy's brother and Shirley Jones' son (The are from The Partridge Family)
    Suggested by Β  @becktacular
  31. β€’
    River Phoenix!!! And Edward Furlong.
    One of whom died from drugs... The other is an addict. This doesn't speak well to my taste.
    Suggested by Β  @lzlwsn
  32. β€’
    Heath Ledger
    Watched The Patriot in junior high and I was like "This...dude...is...GORGEOUS?!?!?" And then I found out he had died a few months earlier. It was very tragic.
    Suggested by Β  @juliareese
  33. β€’
    John Taylor, Duran Duran
    Suggested by Β  @jpbateson
  34. β€’
    Harrison Ford
    I first saw Star Wars when I was 4 and I instantly fell in love. It was either him or Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park. Either way, I've always had a thing for older men and it's kind of creepy???
    Suggested by Β  @gagneet
  35. β€’
    It's a close tie between George Michael and Nick Rhodes...
    Suggested by Β  @ashes2ashes
  36. β€’
    Leo Dicaprio (as he was known in the 90s)
    Suggested by Β  @Jodiehoklas
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    Technically, mine was Michael from Barney and Friends. I was about 2 at the time. Funnily enough he looks a whole lot like my kindergarten boyfriend. I had a type.
    Suggested by Β  @PawneeGoddess
  38. β€’
    Tommy the Power Ranger
    I still have a thing for guys with long hair...
    Suggested by Β  @goobs
  39. β€’
    The boy from Spy Kids
    Suggested by Β  @Zeealist