I lucked out early in my time in DC when I went to play Scrabble with some random people and one of them ended up becoming a good friend and inviting me to her book club. It's full of smart people (and there are guys in it too!!) and we have great discussions.
  1. We always have excellent wine and cheese
    This is vital.
  2. It introduces me to new books
    In my book club, we all throw titles into the ring then all vote. Sometimes the books are totally new to me, and that's great.
  3. It nudges me to read - and finish - books I haven't got around to yet
    Books I've been meaning to get around to forever move up my to-be-read pile, and books that could have dragged on for months get polished off much more quickly.
  4. It helps me understand plot
    Ever get to the end of a book and think - wait, what? I do, all the time.That's why it's nice to surround myself with smart people who can explain things to me.
  5. It helps me not to feel as idiotic for not getting a plot as I might otherwise
    Chances are half the other people in the group will be like, yeah, I didn't get it either.
  6. It helps me process my emotions about the book
    I often don't know how I feel about a thing until I've talked it through. But you can't really talk through a book quite a effectively with people who haven't read it.
  7. It gives me a different perspective on the book
    Often someone will pick up on theme or symbolism that I just haven't seen. Or they interpret an ending differently or have more or less empathy for a character than I do. It's interesting to round out my understanding of the book that way.
  8. It makes reading a less-good book worthwhile
    There have been many times when I haven't been thrilled with a book we've read, but then the discussion is so lively and informative that I come to be thankful I've spent my time on reading it
  9. Bookish people are my people!
    I don't think it's any coincidence that some of my favourite DC friends are the members of my book club.