1. Some moron thought it'd be fun to knock loudly on doors at midnight
  2. I jolted awake
  3. I thought it was my morning wake up call for my very important visa appointment
  4. It was not
  5. I'm jet lagged
  6. So my body is like, great nap! Thanks. Like the ones we took on the plane. What shall we do now? Maybe watch La La Land again? It's been two days. C'mon.
  7. The slow release melatonin needs to step it up and release faster
  8. But I can't take any more melatonin because then I'll never wake up in fout sodding hours like I'm meant to
  9. I am so angry and this is also stopping me sleeping
  10. I'm wide awake
  11. And now I'm making suuuuuuuper boring lists
  12. Please be considerate in hotels
  13. This has been a PSA and also a rant in one
  14. And who doesn't like a good bargain?