Know some writers who should be here? Use this list to convince them to join. Or if you're a writer yourself just getting started with The List App, here are some pointers for getting the most out of it.
  1. It was started by a writer.
    @bjnovak is one of us! He understands the delicious agony of chewing on a pencil while trying to come up with just the right word.
  2. It fuels creativity.
    Seriously. I've started writing one or two lists already and thought - wait, I'll turn that into a longer piece of writing.
  3. It's an amazing procrastination tool.
    It's no secret that writing is 90% procrastination. Here at least you can hang out with smart people and think smart thoughts while you do it.
  4. It's a place to hang out with other writers.
    From @aswinn to .... I was looking for someone whose name starts with a Z but I didn't find one. You get the idea, though. And speaking of @aswinn, she made a list of listing authors here: Authors on Listapp
  5. It's such a supportive space.
    When I posted my "what I'll do when I get a book deal" list (WHAT I WILL DO WHEN I GET A BOOK DEAL), people liked and relisted it enough to get it trending (yes, that was every bit as exciting as it sounds). Others commented, wishing me luck. There's no sense of competition or jealousy here. It's wonderful.
  6. It's a great place for advice.
    From prepping for NaNoWriMo (PREPPING FOR NANOWRIMO) to @jenny's more general Best Advice for Writers (BEST WRITING ADVICE), you can find all kinds of useful pointers.
  7. It encourages creativity in new ways.
    Flash non fiction, poetry, found poems, prose poems, shortform essays. I've seen all kinds of things here. I've seen an open list turn into a story where each person writes a line. This is a great sandpit to play in and it's also a great place to build sandcastles.
  8. It's a great place to talk about books.
    Open lists (those with a +) are fantastic for sharing book recommendations, or thoughts on current reads, or what have you. And there's even going to be discussion on a book every month at @TheInternetBookClub.
  9. It's where you find "your people".
    Whether they're fellow writers, fellow readers, or possibly even people who will enjoy reading your own writing, the List App is the perfect tool for nerds, and for people with specialised and esoteric tastes. It's so great to feel understood, to get to say "me too!", and to get information and recommendations relevant to your interests.
  10. It's a great place for discovering new books
    There are some fantastic lists floating around. I made a list of the best ones I've come across here (BEST BOOKISH LISTS ON THE LIST APP). @maddiecalls' list of her own bookish lists is here - A LIST OF LISTS I'VE MADE ABOUT BOOKS - and she has some really good ones. And if you follow @bookriot, you'll discover all kinds of new things, too.