Better late than never eh List App?
  1. Show my agent my next novel (Novel Number Four) ✅
  2. Start a Kickstarter for my next West Wing book project and get somewhere near completing it
  3. Edit one of my other novels (probably my NaNoWriMo novel, aka Novel Number 5) in preparation for beta readers and further editing and showing my agent next year
  4. Self-publish a short novel I wrote in French as a teenager (Novel Number Zero, I guess)
  5. Edit and self-publish the novel I never got round to self-publishing last year (Novel Number Two)
    Whoops, but I did well on my writing resolutions as a whole!
  6. Have 60 bylines by the end of the year
    Including my Book Riot ones
  7. Be able to live off my writing and writing-related income
    Including journalism, blogging, editing, teaching writing, novels, etc