Moms are fantastic, but Mother's Day can be a painful day for many. So, in no particular order, shout out to:
  1. Women who cannot conceive
    No matter whether you'd want to conceive or not, Mother's Day can be a painful reminder for women who cannot have biological children
  2. Grieving moms who have lost a child
    Because they're still moms, too
  3. Women who have had an abortion
    It doesn't matter whether you've had no regrets or second thoughts, it can still be a tough day for those who decided to end their pregnancy. Also it was your body and your decision and therefore valid, so you don't need to justify it to anyone.
  4. Moms who have given their child up for adoption
    Regardless of your reason, it was your decision and is therefore valid. You don't need to justify it to anyone.
  5. Moms who are sick and/or have disabilities and their families
    Mothers can't often be in a care taking role because they are physically sick, have a mental illness or another disability. Mother's Day can be a painful reminder to those who wish they could do more and for those who have taken care of their mom throughout the years
  6. Single moms and other caretakers/families of kids with disabilities or illnesses who may not have the relaxing day they deserve or who won't get a thank you from those they care for
    Thanks to @karenmarybrown for the suggestion
  7. Queer, genderqueer and transgender mommies, parents, and their families
  8. People whose moms and/or families have disowned them
  9. Those whose moms have been abusive, physically, verbally, emotionally or otherwise
    Just because your mom gave birth to you doesn't mean you need to worship her, especially if she's treated you like shit
  10. Anyone out there whose mom has passed away
  11. Those who wish they had a closer relationship with their moms
  12. Those who never knew their mom
  13. Anyone else who is just having a difficult time today or any Mother's Day
  14. YOU'RE ALL AWESOME whether or not you have a good (or any) relationship with your mom or whether or not you decide to or cannot have children. Celebrate moms today but be considerate of those for whom it may not be an easy day.