I've got A LOT of books. They live on nine bookcases throughout my home--in every room except for the bathroom and including a hallway. I don't alphabetize my books but I do shelve them in certain categories. Here are some of them!
  1. Sports
    I don't "do sports" but I love reading about sports!
  2. The Kennedys
    Ask me any question about just about any member of this family and I'll probably get it right.
  3. The Presidency/Biographies of Presidents
    Especially LBJ, Lincoln, and Carter. Obviously books on JFK are shelved in the category above!
  4. Books About Books
    What's more fun than reading books about books???
  5. Food and Cooking
    Not to be confused with actual cookbooks.
  6. African American History
    I've always been interested in this topic.
  7. True Crime
    Yes, I've read many books on the OJ Simpson case...
  8. "Required Reading"
    Classic fiction--either read as school assignments or just because I wanted to read them on my own.
  9. Contemporary Realistic Fiction
    My favorite fictional genre--I prefer realism to fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, etc
  10. General Biographies
    Entertainers and other famous folks.
  11. Kids Books
    Favorite books from when I was a kid. Judy Blume and EB White are prominent!