A Literary Coffee and Tea Menu

The best part of waking up is something bookish in your cup. Got an idea to add?
  1. How Should a Latte Be?
  2. The Gone-Away Swirl
  3. Tinker Tailor Soldier Chai
  4. The Old Man and the Tea
  5. English Breakfast of Champions
  6. The Oolong Goodbye
  7. Tiny Beautiful Beans
  8. In Cold Brew
  9. The Great Gatsbean
  10. Foamlandia
  11. Cappuccino Country for Old Men
  12. The Master and My Granita
  13. The Americano Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
  14. The Quiet Americao
  15. To Kill a Macchiato
  16. Murder on the Orient Espresso
  17. Dead Until Dark Roast
  18. The Percolators of Being a Wallflower
  19. Billy Lynn's Long Half and Halftime Walk