1. For deckled edges
  2. For finishing a book just as the train pulls into the station
  3. For seeing someone reading a favorite book in public
  4. For a good beginning
  5. For a better ending
  6. For finding a mysterious, wistful inscription in a used book
  7. For re-reading a favorite and still agreeing with the notes you made in the margins
  8. For re-reading a favorite and shaking your head at how naive you were
  9. For French flaps
  10. For when the coffee is ready and the light is good and the weather is drizzly and there's nothing to do but read
  11. For bustling bookstores in full holiday swing
  12. For acknowledgments that are honest, funny, and humble
  13. For remembering and using something you learned in English class
  14. For forgetting to bring a book for the plane and then seeing something you really want to read in the airport bookstore
  15. For seeing something in your daily life that reminds you of something you've read
  16. For picking up a classic you've been avoiding and loving it
  17. For realizing there are no rules about reading and that no one has the answers
  18. For "notes on the typeface"
  19. For knowing that no matter how bad the last book you read was, the next one could be your new favorite