The struggle is real.
  1. Public shaming.
    This is a popular tactic lately, especially if you have a dog who is behaving badly. It might be tricky to execute, as ideally you'd need the borrower to wear a Sign of Shame, but a really good Photoshopped image on Facebook could do the trick.
  2. Make a WANTED Poster
    Grab the worst photo you have of your friend and distribute the flyer at bookstores and on social media. Bribe local booksellers to not sell your friend any new books until they return yours.
  3. Spoil their book fun.
    Find out what they're reading. Google it. Drop all the spoilers on them.
  4. Steal all their belongings.
    Get a crew of friends together and go full Ocean's Eleven. Pull a caper-heist, steal ALL THEIR STUFF, and hold it hostage until you get your books back.