1. When you're immediately caught up in a book.
  2. When shit gets real in a book you're reading.
    Your heart leaps out of your chest and you're worried about the characters and WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN???
  3. That feeling of I WANT TO KNOW MORE after you finish a book in a series you're still reading.
  4. The heartbreak of an unhappy ending.
  5. The satisfaction of reading a book in one sitting.
  6. Disappearing into a book for hits b
  7. That "book ordered" feeling.
    It's bad for your bank account, but when you're feeling down, and you look at your wish list and order a book for yourself, it's pretty great.
  8. The "I told you so" feeling when someone loves a book you recommended.
  9. The comforting feeling you get just by sniffing a book.
  10. The feeling of despair and meaninglessness when you finish a great series.