It makes me feel like I was there among the awesomeness!
  1. Amazon, am I right?
  2. Book IKEA - you have to assemble your own book. It takes you like 6 hours and there's a bunch of pages missing at the end.
  3. I might break up with you if you ask Marilynne Robinson to wash your car.
  4. You've gotta cuss-and-sex-and-stuff for Cheryl Strayed.
  5. These dudes are talking about books in their tight little football pants.
  6. I guess it's an island, so everything is a moat.
  7. Look at the beautiful nerds! They're googling!
  8. Through their grief and disbelief, lessons are learned - like don't forget to sponge up your dad.
  9. Stalking is so much cuter in fiction.