I like to take funny pics and put them on Instagram, but sometimes I rethink and don't post. These are the rejects:
  1. This one was gonna be a comment on the meta-ness of making a sign to advertise making signs, but then I was like - eh. That kinda makes sense. Why rag on this nice guy trying to make a living?
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  2. I thought A glove protecting someone from a pyromaniac was funny, and also something about the longer cuff for your protection being a condom joke? But to be honest I just couldn't pull it together.
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  3. I thought it was funny that this bird was standing on this seal, but when I looked closer, she wasn't.
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  4. I don't know. The dog wasn't as cute in the photo as in real life. Editors choice.
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  5. Not sure why I dumped this beauty a year ago. Calling Joe a dick in cement is kinda boss! Must've just gotten lost in the mess. Expect in the future!
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  6. I figured no one wanted to see the bird shit on my windshield, but only after I took the photo.
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  7. Too inside.
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  8. Too homophobic.
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  9. Too narcissistic.
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  10. I thought this lip print was interesting, but I couldn't think of a way to make a joke about it. Like... "A script you could kiss!" (Too cheesy), or "I mark my script with a kiss" (also too cheesy). Was just never gonna work.
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