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  1. Those who have their apps spread across multiple screens all willy-nilly with no way of knowing what app is where at any given moment.
    You people make me anxious.
  2. Those who organize their apps into perfect little folders.
    What's my background picture there for if I can't see it? And screw you, apps I don't use that can't be deleted.
  1. Does Trump's hairline start just above his eyebrows?
    I realize this is an age old question, but does anyone know? We discussed this for no fewer than 10 minutes and could not agree.
  2. Is It part of Ben Carson's strategy to say nothing and to say it in the dullest possible manner?
    Exact opposite of Chris Manzo's new roommate (Obscure Manzo'd with Children reference? You're damn right)
  3. What is Carly Fiorina's bpm?
    Blinks per minute. Has to be twice the average.
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  1. 1.
    I hang out all day, every day with the two coolest and craziest kids.
    They're actually probably average cool and average crazy, but I like them better than all the other kids put together.
  2. 2.
    I used to be a lawyer...
    But I like this SO much better.
  3. 3.
    My [only] current hobby is coming up with ways to redesign my house.
    I used to read and stuff.
  4. 4.
    I remind myself daily that most people, including me, are doing the best they can with what they have.
    And it helps me to be more understanding and forgiving.
  1. Chicken McNuggets.
    I don't even feel that guilty about this.
  2. Telling my kids the delicious snack I'm eating is "mommy's medicine."
    This usually involves eggless cookie dough and makes me feel a little bit like an alcoholic.
  3. Popping pimples.
    It grosses me out to even write this, but we're all about honesty here.
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Especially in the middle of the night while breastfeeding. AKA, not terrifying (looking at you, Walking Dead).
  1. The West Wing
  2. Felicity
  3. The Good Wife
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Like, literally every day.
  1. That didn't look like an accident.
    Your brother has a bite mark on his cheek. Did you mistake him for an apple?
  2. Is that how we ask for things in this house?
    At this point, yeah I guess it is.
  3. Yes, I see your balls. And yes, I heard you fart.
    Can I get a girl around here?
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  1. That I'll never sleep again
  2. That I'm no good at making lists
  3. That I'm TOO good at making lists
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