Out loud, not joking.
  1. Does Trump's hairline start just above his eyebrows?
    I realize this is an age old question, but does anyone know? We discussed this for no fewer than 10 minutes and could not agree.
  2. Is It part of Ben Carson's strategy to say nothing and to say it in the dullest possible manner?
    Exact opposite of Chris Manzo's new roommate (Obscure Manzo'd with Children reference? You're damn right)
  3. What is Carly Fiorina's bpm?
    Blinks per minute. Has to be twice the average.
  4. Did Rubio actually just say he wants no capital gains tax?
    WTF. Please, please let's not elect him.
  5. Is it possible that people don't understand that the death tax is not a real thing worth being concerned about?
    You don't get taxed for dying. It's an inheritance tax. And only people with millions have to pay it.
  6. What are the odds Kasich hangs in for another month?
    Slim. He occasionally makes sense, so...
  7. Did Huckabee actually insinuate that the Clintons may have sorta killed somebody?
  8. What are the odds we elect one of these guys?
    My husband: "I'm not that worried unless Rubio is the candidate." Shiiiiiiit.
  9. Did Fiorina just try to convince us to vote for her by saying: come on guys, catfight!
    That's like a tiger vs. a house cat.