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  1. Pay off my student loans 💸
    Be gone evil demons, be gone
  2. Washington Nationals season tickets ⚾️
    Nothing fancy, just some guaranteed seats for my husband and myself to watch the national pastime in the nation's capital!
  3. Rent a sweet vacation home for a month 😎
    And put out an open invitation to all my family and friends to come hang out and read and have fun
  4. Downpayment on a home 🏡
    And it would be awesome
  1. The Cutting Edge ⛸
    Ice skating, the Olympics, witty banter, what more could you want?
  2. Shawshank Redemption 📚
    How are you going to turn the channel when this comes on?
  3. A League of Their Own ⚾️
    The older I get the more I cry when watching this movie
  4. Anything by Frank Capra 📽
    Classic Hollywood golden standard
  1. 1.
    Arrested Development 🍌
    There's always money in the banana stand
  2. 2.
    Law & Order ⚖
    In the criminal justice system.. *bum bum*
  3. 3.
    The West Wing 🇺🇸
    I serve at the pleasure of the president
  1. Pittsburgh Steelers 🏈
    Raised on this team from birth. Here we go.
  2. VCU Rams Basketball 🐑
    Proud VCU alumni. Don't start no stuff, won't be no stuff.
  3. Boston Bruins 🐻
    Got this team via marriage. Don't poke the bear.
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