There's a difference between songs that are good to put on in the morning and songs that wake you up. Here lies both.
  1. "Loaded" - Primal Scream
  2. "Good Morning" - Gene Kelly
    I think it was my first tour shooting photos on the road with Maroon 5, Jesse Carmichael from the band would put this on to wake everyone on the bus up whenever we arrived somewhere new. No matter how much sleep (or drink) was had it would always make me laugh.
  3. "No Expectations" - The Rolling Stones
  4. "Use Me" - Bill Withers
  5. "Angel Of Death" - Slayer
    When I was working as a music supervisor on film trailers, one of the two other guys in the music room would often fall asleep. We'd put this on to wake up him.
  6. "Meet Me In The Morning" - Bob Dylan
  7. "Shoot You Down" - The Stone Roses
  8. "Porpoise Head" - Porno For Pyros
    I think I was a senior in high school when I got this new stereo for my room that I could set as an alarm clock. At the time the technology was new and it would only turn on and begin playing whatever CD was in the player. "Porpoise Head" is the first song on the Pyro's amazing record Good God's Urge and to this day hearing it still gives me the anxiety I had before going to school in the morning and also makes me feel instantly at peace.
  9. "Your Move" - Yes
  10. "Song For The Dead" - Queens Of The Stone Age
    Each winter I visit my dad in Sun Valley, Idaho. I put this on in the morning for us before we go on the mountain.