I love sports mostly because I am competitive as f. Not because I'm athletic or sporty or gamble or because my dad took me to games when I was a kid and these are legacy teams. These are all teams that I decided to love and cheer for on my own-ish.
  1. Arsenal FC.
    I lived close to Highbury for 12 months so it only made sense to cheer for the home team. This was 2003 when Arsenal didn't lose one game during the entire season, and a soccer magician named Thierry Henry was taking London by storm.
  2. New York Red Bulls
    Because then Thierry Henry moved to New York and played for a team that played 20 minutes from my house.
  3. NY Giants
    Though, to be fair, shouldn't they be the NJ Giants? Winning Superbowls is fun.
  4. NY Mets
    Because I used to know someone who loved them and they infected me with their enthusiasm. I'm a loyal bitch.