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whenever these come up in real life i usually make a joke to diffuse my anger, but they pretty much all touch on the fact that i'm black and female.
  1. people using the word 'africa'
    "i really like african art." oh, do you? "i've always wanted to go to africa." is that so? "we're all africans, really." are we though??? the continent is gigantic and filled with so many countries, languages and ethnic groups. seriously though, can everyone please stop?
  2. people asking "where are you from?"
    this question is usually asked by random white people who are actually asking "why aren't you white?" and when i say maryland, they often follow up with "haha, no, where are you REALLY from?" where are you really from, asshole????
  3. people asking if my hair is real
    i have braids. some of the hair is mine, some of it is extensions. why is this your business???
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  1. Randomly running into acquaintances
    I have no idea what to say! This just happened and it was super awkward.
  2. Borrowing/lending money
    A sure way to destroy a relationship.
  3. Being a female engineering student
    Usually it's fine but sometimes you can walk into a lecture room with 100 guys and 3 women and it's super noticeable. And all of my engineering lecturers and advisors have been male.
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