whenever these come up in real life i usually make a joke to diffuse my anger, but they pretty much all touch on the fact that i'm black and female.
  1. people using the word 'africa'
    "i really like african art." oh, do you? "i've always wanted to go to africa." is that so? "we're all africans, really." are we though??? the continent is gigantic and filled with so many countries, languages and ethnic groups. seriously though, can everyone please stop?
  2. people asking "where are you from?"
    this question is usually asked by random white people who are actually asking "why aren't you white?" and when i say maryland, they often follow up with "haha, no, where are you REALLY from?" where are you really from, asshole????
  3. people asking if my hair is real
    i have braids. some of the hair is mine, some of it is extensions. why is this your business???
  4. people asking if i major in engineering because i want to meet guys
  5. people using personal examples to try and disprove a general fact
    this is especially noticeable in classrooms and on twitter. the washington post tweeted a link to an article about how black people aren't being convinced by bernie sanders. several people replied with "i'm black and i feel the bern!" like, good for you but the article was obviously talking about the majority of progressive black voters? other replies to this tweet leads me to my next point...
  6. random people (specifically white and/or male) trying to tell me what's best
    to use the previous tweet as an example, the number of white men and women who replied by saying that black people are voting against their interests is depressing to me. to use a personal example, a random white lady tried to talk me out of buying some foundation because the color "didn't make sense to her." i think i know my own skin, thanks.
  7. people who assume they understand what it's like to suffer from a chronic illness
    ok, this has nothing to do with race or gender. and to be fair, most of my friends and family who know about my illness have been supportive. but there are still some people who think it's an excuse for laziness or to garner pity, or who just get tired of hearing about it. imagine how tired i am of living with this!
  8. there are definitely more but it's 1:45 AM so nevermind those.