requested by @biz 😊
  1. Randomly running into acquaintances
    I have no idea what to say! This just happened and it was super awkward.
  2. Borrowing/lending money
    A sure way to destroy a relationship.
  3. Being a female engineering student
    Usually it's fine but sometimes you can walk into a lecture room with 100 guys and 3 women and it's super noticeable. And all of my engineering lecturers and advisors have been male.
  4. Procrastinating
    But it's also the thing I'm best at!
  5. Asking for help
    A personal failing. I never ask for help until I'm basically drowning.
  6. Having to watch my dog poop
    Self explanatory. It seems to make him uncomfortable too.
  7. Racism
    Again, self explanatory.