1. I don't brush my teeth until I lay down first; "I'll brush them when I want to." This may be as little as a minute or an hour later.
  2. I crack a Schweppes seltzer water bedside. I may not even take a sip but it's there waiting nonetheless.
  3. I perpetually channel surf determined to find something wildly informing, engaging, and captivating that my expectations go unmet nightly. I finally resort to Seinfeld.
  4. I debate over cooking 5 simple slices of bacon. No bread, no cheese, no issue.
  5. I recall that I've "never abused sick time like most people" as I set my alarm.
  6. For about 15 minutes I debate and toggle a 5 minute window of morning wake time.
  7. I don't set the sleep timer on the TV. "I'll shut it off when I'm about to fall asleep". The TV is still on when the alarm goes off.