1. baked cauliflower and chickpeas with harissa
    harissa is so important and amazing it deserves all the happiness in the world
  2. chicken wraps from comptoir libanais
    if i'm ever in a coma create a pickled turnip and jalapeño shrine and i will be back on my feet in under 10 seconds
  3. spaghetti bolognese
    i make this every week, it's my soulmate meal, i will travel to wholefoods to get pecorino romano cheese (which is better than parmesan in every single way) to make my bolognese
  4. pomegranate in greek yoghurt with honey and mint
    the nicest flavour/texture and leaves my mouth feeling like it's filled with fresh mountain breeze
  5. my aunts roast beef
    she makes this sauce which im pretty sure is just boiled down red wine and balsamic its nicer than any gravy ever
  6. roasted strawberries
    with ginger and balsamic and basil