I'm talking dance improv not comedy improv but its arguably similar really
  1. make games for yourself
    if you make games for yourself and stick to them it looks like you know what you're doing.
  2. don't be afraid to be literal
    sometimes we get stuck in the abstract and the most pedestrian movements can save us
  3. yes and
    this is stolen from improv comedy but it totally applies, you should try and say yes to what your partner is offering and then add to it
  4. the importance of no
    yes and sometimes leads to no that's enough and that's just as advancing to the story
  5. textures and feelings
    we all know this but it's just nice to switch up fast and slow, sharp and smooth, big and small
  6. hands hands hands
    people forget to use their hands because they think its too conventional, just use them!
  7. heads heads heads
    its easy to forget about your head and your face
  8. comit
    selling it is essential, nothing worse than someone not giving their whole weight, or laughing really obviously if something slips
  9. nothing is wrong
    it's true, you fell out of what was going to be a lift? too bad no you're on the floor, make it part of it