1. being driven home from the airport
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    really late at night when there's no cars on the road
  2. flying alone
    only when flying alone will i feel totally free from responsibility, there's nothing i have to do but sit there
  3. finishing an essay
    saving the file and closing the nine thousand tabs i was using. Having deadlines (in the words of tina fey) makes my heart shrivel up like a raisin.
  4. the end of a show day
    usually these days are 12 hours long or more. Getting through the marathon makes the processes of travelling home, making food and going to bed so meditative and truly insularly restorative. It just makes me feel so fulfilled.
  5. improv with someone you trust
    i really love letting someone control my body. theres something about being touched in a completely non threatening/sexual way and when it's someone I completely trust in the surroundings of an improv class i feel like im floating on the sea
  6. being showered and in a bed with clean sheets
    it makes me feel like im the cleanest thing on earth, cleaner than a soap bubble and more pure than arctic ice
  7. tactile hand experiences
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    like in Amelie when she puts her hand in the bag of beans or like this giant knit rug