1. ear holes - sarah silverman
  2. the epicentre of all human grimness - tina fey
  3. on the line - dawn french
    instead of online
  4. im like mainlining chardonnay, trying to remember fun - amy schumer
  5. i look like her if i were stung by a million bees - amy schumer
  6. the bourgeois- my friend fraser
    he said it like he was so unbearably posh, like he was literally chewing foie gras and the word bourgeois at the same time
  7. stunning - alaska thunderfuck
  8. clothes - australian people
  9. she was an enigma, wrapped in bacon, wrapped in a crescent roll - tina fey
  10. seersucker suits in the summer - tina fey
  11. bring back my girlsss - rupaul
    when she said it like she was melting
  12. clydebank - kevin bridges
  13. cute/great - australian people
  14. what is wrong with a skirt from next - irish people
  15. its all in the name of fashion - hayley hill