Screen caps and all 😭 Thank you for the wonderful and emotional roller coaster ride, @mindy
  1. When Danny showed Mindy a framed photo of him, Mindy, and Leo as a Christmas ornament
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  2. When Danny told Mindy not to let anyone stop her from what she wants, not even him
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  3. When Mindy and Danny looked this happy
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  4. When Mindy looked at Danny when she got out of bed
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  5. When Mindy started measuring Leo's crib
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  6. When Mindy was on the subway carriage, looking very conflicted
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  7. When Sam Smith's Stay With Me started to play
  8. When Mindy approached her apartment
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  9. When my wifi went out at this exact moment
  10. When Mindy entered her apartment
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  11. When Mindy entered her closet
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  12. When she measured her closet
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  13. When she realized Leo's crib can fit in her closet
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  14. When she sat down at her closet door and started to cry while playing with her hands
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  15. When Mindy rested her cheek in the palm of her hand
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  16. When Mindy realized that maybe moving back into her apartment with Leo is the right thing for her to do
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  17. When Mindy took down her For Sale sign
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  18. When Mindy went back to Danny's apartment and lovingly looked at his sleeping form
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  19. When she back into their bed and Danny cuddled her
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  20. When Mindy stared out into the window
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  21. When Last Christmas started to play over the ending credits
  22. When I realized there's not a new episode next week