Screen caps and all 😭 Thank you for the wonderful and emotional roller coaster ride, @mindy
  1. When Danny showed Mindy a framed photo of him, Mindy, and Leo as a Christmas ornament
  2. When Danny told Mindy not to let anyone stop her from what she wants, not even him
  3. When Mindy and Danny looked this happy
  4. When Mindy looked at Danny when she got out of bed
  5. When Mindy started measuring Leo's crib
  6. When Mindy was on the subway carriage, looking very conflicted
  7. When Sam Smith's Stay With Me started to play
  8. When Mindy approached her apartment
  9. When my wifi went out at this exact moment
  10. When Mindy entered her apartment
  11. When Mindy entered her closet
  12. When she measured her closet
  13. When she realized Leo's crib can fit in her closet
  14. When she sat down at her closet door and started to cry while playing with her hands
  15. When Mindy rested her cheek in the palm of her hand
  16. When Mindy realized that maybe moving back into her apartment with Leo is the right thing for her to do
  17. When Mindy took down her For Sale sign
  18. When Mindy went back to Danny's apartment and lovingly looked at his sleeping form
  19. When she back into their bed and Danny cuddled her
  20. When Mindy stared out into the window
  21. When Last Christmas started to play over the ending credits
  22. When I realized there's not a new episode next week