I thought there would be a cool random generator thing to choose photos from my phone 😂 Is it even random if I have to choose them myself?
  1. Los Angeles
    I went to The Broad museum in downtown Los Angeles a few weeks back, and this description was on display. I love Los Angeles so much, I think it's so magical, and this description is exactly how I see LA
  2. A trespassing dog
    I had just finished taking a shower when I heard a loud commotion in my backyard. What I had thought to be a burglar was actually this sweet, innocent dog. You can imagine my relief when I saw this not so little guy instead of a man, wearing a black ski mask
  3. Me at my most vain
    I had just gotten my iPhone the day before this photo was taken, so I was very excited to finally have a phone with a front facing camera and start taking selfies. 📷: @joylin
  4. Givenchy
    I went to Nordstrom and saw my dream bag - Givenchy Antigona leather satchel. I shamelessly took a photo of it while my sister judged me so hard
  5. Walls of Los Angeles
    @joylin and I have a thing for cool and artsy walls in Los Angeles