1. Have my own stationary with my name on it
    And I would use these to write thank you cards and notes to people
  2. Create my own Christmas card
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    My family has never done Christmas cards, and they look like something I would be into, but not the typical card where it's a photo of your family, but like this card by Mindy Kaling
  3. Valet my car
    It seems very classy and put together to wait for the valet guys to pull your car around, but it also seems a little lazy and dramatic because parking is all of a sudden this task I can't even handle??? I don't know how I feel about valet parking just yet lol
  4. Host dinner parties
    Only for the sole purpose of having my friends gush over how beautifully decorated my house is, of course
  5. Have my kids be best friends with my best friends' kids
  6. Moving into my own apartment/house and decorating and organizing it the way I want it