1. When you're up in the club and you see your ex and you know you're looking hot
  2. When someone you don't like is getting called out for their problematic behavior 👀☕️
  3. When someone tells you you can't do something, so you give them your best death glare and say, "WATCH ME."
  4. When you show off what you can do and people act surprised and you're like, "I got this bitch."
  5. When your ex wants you back, but you've already moved onto bigger and better things and you're like 💋 eat your heart out
  6. When someone says something bad about you and you're like "whatchu say?"
  7. When you walk out of the salon with your new Brazilian blowout
  8. When you can't even deal with them fuck boys, so you prepare to clap back 👏🏻
  9. When you're thinking about all of your embarrassing moments and life regrets 😶
  10. When you roll up to the club in your fancy new car and you don't care who sees
  11. When your friend is getting in trouble by her mom and you're just standing there like 😬🤐
  12. Laughing at all them haters
  13. When all of your family members are asking you if you're dating anyone, if you have a job yet, and what your life plans are, and you're like 🙃🙃🙃🙃
  14. When you see your significant other chatting it up with someone and they're getting cozy 👀
  15. When you and your squad hit up the club together
  16. When you see your food coming 😍😋
  17. Trying to get your life together like