When you're super passionate about and interested in something, but your teaching assistant shoots it down 😥
  1. I have to do a research project for my writing class
  2. I can choose whatever topic I like to research
  3. I had a topic in mind from the get go, and I was very excited about it
  4. I pitched it to my TA to make sure I can do it, and I asked her for feedback to see if there are anything I should keep in mind before I move forward
  5. She said my research question is very interesting
    My research question is: why do people share personal and private information/events (like death of a family member) on social media? What compels people to share, essentially.
  6. However, she said because it's not in a physical social setting and can't interact with others, I can't do it
    Which I partially don't understand because social media really is just interacting with others lol
  7. And I was so sad
  8. Like, I never thought this wouldn't be doable
    Ugh, like, why not me, ya know?
  9. I was so excited to conduct research on this and learn more
  10. But the TA crushed my dreams lol
  11. So, now I'm grieving my research question
  12. My hope is that this is some sort of sign that I should research this for real in graduate school, that this is something worth pursuing
  13. So, thanks, I guess 😁