I'm almost constantly seeing and finding clothes I want (thanks @mindy/The Mindy Project/Salvador Perez) and more often than not, I can't afford them. Consider this list wardrobe goals.
  1. Helmut Lang, IRO, and/or All Saints leather jacket
    I've been wanting a leather jacket for a while, but the good quality ones are $$$$, and apparently cooler temps don't exist in LA, so a leather jacket isn't necessary, but they're so badass. These three brands make amazing leather jackets, and if and when I make bank, I will immediately be buying a leather jacket
  2. Valentino Rockstud pumps
    They don't look at all practical, but I want one in every color.
  3. Givenchy Antigona Medium Faux Leather Satchel
    I saw @mindy carrying this purse from some paparazzi photos, and I immediately found the black leather satchel I didn't know I was searching for. It's leather, badass, and well structured, so it won't go all limp on you.
  4. Self-Portrait Dress
    Many of their dresses feature lace and cutouts, so it's super sexy and feminine, but also badass, which, at this point, is probably the only criteria I have to whether I like particular pieces of clothing.
  5. Wildfox Seeing Stars Lennon Sweater
    Technically, I have one in black, so I really don't need another one, but I love the red one. Plus, I think I have an uncontrollable need to buy sweaters, which are almost useless in hot Los Angeles, but I still buy them anyway in hopes of sweater weather. Also, I'm obsessed with Wildfox and its laid back, SoCal look.
  6. Paige Denim Edgemont Jeans
    I had the opportunity to try on a pair, and they're so comfortable!!!! But the price is just too high for a pair of jeans. Why spend $200 on a pair of jeans when I can spend $20?
  7. Equipment Femme Silk Shirt
    I want all the colors!!!!!!!! In all seriousness though, I love button downs (or is it button ups?) because they make you look so put together even when you might not be. It's a classic look that never goes out of style. (Yes, I scrolled through Mindy's IG for this photo from 116 weeks ago, and her caption is 👌🏻- "one of each and make it snappy said the mean Indian woman")
  8. Beyoncé's FLAWLESS sweater
    See, another sweater. I'm addicted, I swear 😝 I already have the SURFBOARD sweater, so I feel like it's only right to add to the collection and get the FLAWLESS one.
  9. Rodarte 'Radarte' Sweater
    It looks so rad (ugh I know, the worst pun).
  10. Anything from Sass & Bide
    It just looks so cool. And I'm largely gravitating towards their knit wear with gold hardware and designs on it.
  11. Mara Hoffman bathing suit
    Okay, if THE QUEENS, Beyoncé and @mindy, are wearing Mara Hoffman swim suits, then I need to jump on the band wagon. Mara Hoffman has crazy cool prints, and I'd like to think I can rock it as well as these women do.
  12. Mara Hoffman dress
    They look so fun and bold. I can just imagine wearing this dress with white Converse sneakers, eating brunch at BLD with your girlfriends, and then go shopping on Melrose or something.
  13. Chanel cross body bag
    You know the one, I don't need to provide a photo 😝
  14. Jennifer Meyer Zig Zag ring
    It has like $1000 price tag, which is absurd, but I still want it
  15. Salvador Perez coat
    Okay, technically, he doesn't have his own clothing line (America's loss, how do we get on this?), and he doesn't sell them, so it would be impossible to get one anyway, but I still want one. In LA, you don't ever need a coat, but if I remember correctly, he makes his coats with a lighter fabric, so it's perfect. This is one of my favorites with the vintage Chanel buttons
  16. Tom Ford Sunglasses
    I've been listening to Tom Ford by Jay Z, which has reminded me of the brand. And I saw these sunglasses and 🙌🏻😎