1. My mom named me after David Bowie
  2. When people don't know how to pronounce my name, I almost always say, "Like David Bowie"
  3. She changed the I to a Y, but she named me after him because she really likes/d him, his music, and of course his unique last name
  4. People always ask me, when they meet me, if I have ever listened to his music
  5. I always say no, which, I know, is probably the worst thing ever since he's such an iconic musician
    I have probably listened to just one song of his off my parents' "Totally 80s" CD. I need to remedy this, I know. Don't hate me
  6. I feel sad/bad that I haven't taken time to really listen to his music, especially since he meant a lot to my mom to the point of naming me after him
    Or I don't know, maybe my mom just thought his name was cool and didn't care all that much about his music. I should ask about this
  7. Even though I don't have much of a connection to his music or anything, I can't help but feel emotional about his passing because he was always with me in his name, and he always will be
  8. It's a weird feeling and a weird situation, but it's mine
  9. Rest in peace, David Bowie
  10. My deepest condolences to Iman and their family ❤️😔