Is this a little much? Maybe. Slightly morbid? Perhaps. But do I regret this list? Not at all. It's just good planning.
  1. Everybody would have to wear a No Angel sweater
    They're black, so it fits funeral attire, and it'll be ironic and topical
  2. Somebody, preferably Beyoncé, would sing 'Heaven'
    Again, very topical
  3. A video montage of me living my best life, set to a mash up of Bey and Jay's Young Forever/Halo, would be lovely
    See this video for inspiration:
  4. It would be on a yacht
    Have you seen Beyoncé's Instagram?? She and Jay (and Blue Ivy) are almost constantly on a yacht, soaking up the Mediterranean (probably) sun, drinking champagne and smoking cigars 😎☀️ Funeral vibe goals lol