I'd love to be many things, but I don't have the means, dedication, passion, and/or knowledge for them at this point in my life, unfortunately (or am I too pessimistic? Lol)
  1. Comedy writer
    I think being a comedy writer is where it's at right now, and it's such a cool thing to do. I truly admire comedy writers. However, I cannot be purposefully funny in real life, let alone write jokes/funny situations and plot lines
  2. Fashion blogger
    I don't have the wardrobe or the money for this, so it's a lose-lose situation
  3. A member of a TV production crew
    I think the way televisions shows are made is such a magical thing, and it would be a wonderful experience to be a part of that
  4. Someone with a PhD
    I just don't have the patience to spend 4+ years on research, conferences, dissertations, etc. I don't think I have it in me to devote my life to it, despite it having some major bragging rights
  5. Human Resources representative
    For about 2 years, it sounded great, interesting and like something I could seriously see myself doing, but after taking a course about it in school, I'm so turned off by it. I am literally Michael Scott when it comes to my feelings on a career in HR
  6. Actor
    Acting looks difficult, I'm not gonna lie. Like, people dedicate their life to this craft, and it seems intimidating. But I mostly want to be an actor, so I can at least have the chance of working with Chris Messina lol
  7. Fashion designer
    I've always loved fashion and clothes, but I have like zero creativity or the necessary skills 😝
  8. Coder
    Coding looks really cool, and how awesome is it to say that you made your own app?! But I just don't have the brain for computer sciences, programming and the like.
  9. Pharmacist
    One of my good family friends is a pharmacist, and she loves her job. I've actually wanted to be a pharmacist for a long time, but biochemistry and organic chemistry, etc, is something I can't get on board with. I did well in organic chem in high school and I liked it, but that's just high school. College bio and chemistry are not for the faint hearted
  10. Food Critic
    Eating food and talking about the flavors, etc, is like my favorite thing to do, but how does one even get in this business??? It's all very mysterious
  11. Photographer
    Am I seriously interested in it, or do I just think I am because of Instagram???
  12. Beyoncé's back up dancer
    Whenever I watch a Beyoncé performance, I watch her back up dancers as much as I watch Beyoncé. Most of the choreography looks so badass and I wish I had moves, but I cannot dance to save my life. I have such bad coordination and zero awareness of where my limbs are flailing about
  13. Uber driver
    I actually think this is something I can do. I love to drive and I'm really good at directions and reading maps. I might actually be an Uber driver if all else fails, I'm not even kidding