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  1. This photo changed my whole perspective of Chris Messina
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  2. Blazer Chris Messina
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    His whole GQ spread is a must see
  3. Suit and tie Chris Messina
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  4. Suit and tie Chris Messina part 2
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  5. Scruff Chris Messina
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  6. Button down Chris Messina
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  7. Leather jacket Chris Messina
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  8. Shirtless Chris Messina
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  9. Ralph Lauren model Chris Messina
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    With Mindy!!!
  10. Me and Chris Messina
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  11. Plaid shirt Chris Messina
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    With Krysten Ritter!!!
  12. T shirt Chris Messina
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  13. Cinnamon roll Chris Messina
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  14. Puppy dog Chris Messina
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  15. Bike riding Chris Messina
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  16. Smirking Chris Messina
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  17. Serious Chris Messina
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  18. Laughing Chris Messina
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  19. Naked Chris Messina with button down Chris Messina
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  20. Soulful eyes Chris Messina
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    Suggested by @ evmlove on Twitter
  21. Puppy dog Chris Messina with an actual puppy
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    Suggested by @ evmlove on Twitter
  22. And this one
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  23. Bearded Chris Messina in a hat
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    Suggested by @ evmlove on Twitter
  24. Waiting for you to come home Chris Messina
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    Suggested by @ evmlove on Twitter
  25. Concerned Messina
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    Suggested by @AileenRR
  26. Wearing a watching Messina
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    Suggested by @AileenRR
  27. "I'm always fine" Messina
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    Suggested by @AileenRR
  28. Caught off guard Chris Messina
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  29. Mustache Chris Messina
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  30. "It's cold, do you want to hug to keep warm?" Chris Messina
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  31. Smoldering Chris Messina
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  32. "You can do it." Chris Messina
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  33. Casually waiting in bed for you Chris Messina
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