Growing up in a Chinese household with immigrant parents, birthday parties just weren't a thing. They were deemed pointless and frivolous. However, the one time I had a birthday party at my house, it was definitely my last. -cue magical music to travel us back in time to my 14th birthday party-
  1. The food
    My mom made a Vietnamese style soup for my friends. It was July, it was hot, and my mom was going to serve soup to my friends. I insisted we order pizza, like normal American people, but we weren't American, and my mom just really wanted to make soup. I think we had food other than the cake and the soup, but I don't remember them
  2. My house
    We had no AC, we had two leather couches that could only fit three people on it max, your legs would stick onto the material, my playlist at the time, I admit, was not great, and my house is tiny. It wasn't ideal conditions for a group of teenagers, who were, more than anything, probably wondering why I ever thought my house would be a suitable place for 10+ people to gather in
  3. Activities
    I literally thought of stuff to do the day of/on the fly. We had water balloons and played musical chairs, and that was pretty much it. It was probably the lamest party in existence
  4. The people
    I had inadvertently invited two of my friends, who had just stopped being friends earlier that summer, ha, ha, oops
  5. Awkward
    I distinctly remember us sitting in a circle with the music playing in the background, but almost nobody was talking 👀😬
  6. The highlight?
    Can you even believe there was one? It was a hot summer day, and we basically ran through my back yard while my mom turned on the hose and drenched us all in water. You know that image of people frolicking in the ocean and being all happy and laughing?? Yeah, that was us, but way less glamorous