Inspired by @ListPrompts. I couldn't think of ten 😅
  1. Pretentious
    I don't like pretentious people, but who really does though?
  2. Salacious
    It sounds like delicious
  3. Pompous
    Like pompoms but not really
  4. Cacophony
    I don't say this word enough. Saying this sounds like you're a very literary parrot
  5. Jalapeño
    My co worker and I have this thing of calling it juh-law-pen-nose with a hard j in front 😁😂
  6. Buffalo
    At work, we have buffalo sauce, and one of my managers started to call it boo-fa-low and it has caught on. One time, I accidentally called it boo-fa-la. My co workers/managers are awesome and weird
  7. Presumptuous
    I think I like words that end with -ous
  8. Ugh
    Perfect for every emotion: disgust, exhaustion, hunger, anger, lust, excitement. I say ugh at least 20 times a day