Thank you for the request, @erikaaa!! I had to think about this one for a few days, but I have my fool proof, 4 point world catching plan 😏
  1. Step 1: throw a lavish party at my Hancock Park mansion and invite all of the world leaders
  2. Step 2: schmooze with every leader, giving them personalized gifts tailored to their likes and interests, and agree to everything they say. That's how they know you're on their side, you can be trusted, and that you're a thoughtful and kind person
    Them: have you seen the toupee on Frederick's head? It's like a bird's nest! Me: Ha, I know! Catch any worms lately?! Them: -hearty laughter- (This is a horrible joke, I'm sorry lol)
  3. Step 3: but then turn around and torture everyone with tickles to convince them to give me their respective countries and nations
  4. And finally, step 4: laugh maniacally in my head (or out loud, whichever the situation calls for) because that's what people do in movies lol
  5. I'd like to thank Mindy Lahiri and her 4 point catching plans for being my inspiration because wooing the world is the same thing as wooing a man and getting your boyfriend's mom to like you 😂