These are my thoughts on One Direction, based on looks alone, after watching them in Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. I feel like I should preface this by saying I'm not a fan of One Direction, but I can appreciate their music. Let's begin.
  1. Liam
    Strong jawline, great hair, can look very model-y and serious, but very sweet at the same time 😊
  2. Zayn
    He's not even in the band anymore, but I don't care. He can somehow rock a puppy dog look and a serious look simultaneously. He also looks a little bit like a mix of Shahid Kapoor and Daniel Radcliffe in some photos???
  3. Louis
    Wasn't he the one who got a woman pregnant? How's that going? Anyway, I appreciate his chiseled face and piercing eyes, but I think his hair is throwing everything off for me? I don't know, I feel like sometimes his hair can be awesome, but when it grows too long for my taste, he's just meh.
  4. Niall
    He has a baby face, and it's kind of cute, but also a little off putting, especially for someone who is age 22 (I had to look this up, I'm a little shocked by this number lol).
  5. Harry
    He has a pointy face, and I don't dig his long hair. Plus, his skinny jeans (which are usually Paige Denim. I know this because I love Paige Denim, and I follow its Instagram, which features Harry Styles a lot more than what I was expecting, which was none) are too tight.